Enhance protection from infection – Part3

Effects on allergies
Allergies are caused when the immune system overreacts to things that do not need to be eliminated.
In addition to environmental factors and constitutional factors, allergies can also be caused by a disordered lifestyle and stress.
Echinacea is effective in improving the symptoms of allergies by enhancing the immune system and making it work properly.
When allergy-causing substances invade the body, macrophages issue commands to natural killer (NK) cells, and the activation of NK cells affects B cells that produce antibodies and T cells that are ordered to produce antibodies, thus echinacea can help improve allergies such as hay fever.

Effects on swelling
Water in the body is distributed in a well-balanced manner in the cells and blood, and plays an important role in transporting nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, as well as discharging wastes.
However, when this balance is upset for some reason, swelling occurs.
It is also said that women are more prone to swelling than men. The main reason for this is that they have less muscle mass and thinner blood vessels, so they have less power to send blood back to the heart from the lower part of their body.
The reason why woman tend to swell up before menstruation is because we tend to hold more water in our body during the period between ovulation and menstruation. Swelling is also a symptom of menopause. In addition, swelling can also be caused by extreme dieting and eating too much salt.
If the swelling goes away immediately, there is no problem, but if it persists for a long time, it is suspected to be a kidney or other disease.
Echinacea works to promote the elimination of waste products, and is effective in reducing swelling.

Effectiveness in improving urinary problems
As we age, we tend to experience urinary problems. If the problem is temporary, such as drinking too much water, there is no problem, but if it persists every day, there is a possibility that some kind of inflammation has occurred.
For men, urinary problems such as needing to go to the bathroom multiple times in the middle of the night or not being able to urinate all at once increase around the age of 50. These symptoms are believed to be caused by the enlargement of the prostate gland and pressure on the urethra with age. In addition, women are more likely than men to have bacteria in their urethra, which can cause painful urination, cloudy urine, and residual urine.
Echinacea has anti-inflammatory properties and can help improve these urinary problems.

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免疫力強化! インフルエンザや風邪の予防! - Part3

エキナセアは、免疫機能を高め、正常に働かせることによって、アレルギーの症状を改善する効果があります。 体内にアレルギーを引き起こす物質が侵入すると、マクロファージはナチュラルキラー(NK)細胞に指令を出します。NK細胞の活性化が、抗体をつくるB細胞や抗体をつくるように命じるT細胞に作用することから、エキナセアは花粉症などのアレルギーの改善にも役立ちます。




Enhance protection from infection – Part3

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