3 Types of Collagen – A Full Breakdown Part3

Types of Collagen and Their Sources
Different types of collagen will be found in different sources. Beef (bovine) and fish (marine) are two of the most popular and common.
Bovine collagen comes from the skin, bones, and other tissues of cows. It is a rich source of both Type I and Type III collagen. If you deal with sensitivities to fish, bovine collagen is a clear choice.
Marine collagen comes from the scales and bones of fish and has a high concentration of Type I collagen. Marine collagen is smaller in size, making it easier to digest when consumed. If sensitivity to beef is a concern, then marine collage is certainly the better choice.
While bone broth sourced collagen contains all three types of collagen, it is a good source of Type II collagen since it concentrates on the inclusion of cartilage tissue where this type of collagen is found.
Increasing your collagen levels should always come through diet first. Look to your diet to add delicious collagen-rich sources to your meal plan.
Bone broth makes a delicious base for all kinds of soups and stews, and making your own is easy and cost-effective. Include lots of skin-on fish and poultry in your diet as fish scales and poultry skin are rich in collagen.
Eating a good variety of colorful fruits and vegetables every day will help ensure the body has a good supply of micronutrients. Micronutrient cofactors like vitamins C, E, and A and minerals like iron, copper, and zinc help your body build healthy collagen. A clean, nutrient-dense diet provides the ideal base onto which you can add a quality collagen supplement to enjoy collagen’s many benefits.

What Type of Collagen Do I Need?
What type of collagen you should take will depend on what your goals are for collagen supplementation.
If you are looking to improve skin health and appearance or keep your bones strong, Type I or a combination of Types I and III will be what you want to look at.
If you are looking to address or prevent joint pain and inflammation, then you will want to be sure your collagen supplement includes Type II collagen.
If you are wanting to improve your gut health, you will want to be sure to include Types I and III in your collagen supplementation to help keep those tight junctions functioning well. Including Type II could also be a good idea for its inflammation-fighting benefits.

Which Collagen Supplement is Best?
No matter which collagen supplement you take, it is important to ensure your collagen is free from unnecessary additives.
These can be detrimental to your health. You also want collagen sourced from animals who lived healthy, natural lives. Bovine collagen should be from pastured animals and marine collagen should be sourced from wild-caught fish.
Cattle raised conventionally eat a diet high in feeds treated with glyphosate. Due to the molecular similarities between glyphosate and glycine (an amino acid found in collagen), glyphosate can be incorporated into collagen in the body.
This can contribute to significant health issues. Avoid collagen sourced from farmed fish if you take marine collagen. (1)
Do your own research. Support companies that have high standards for their collagen as well as for the animals from which they source it.
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3種のコラーゲン - それぞれの効果を知ろう! Part3

牛のコラーゲンは、牛の皮膚や骨などの組織から採取されます。I型コラーゲンとIII型コラーゲンの両方が豊富に含まれています。 魚(海由来)に敏感な人は、牛コラーゲンがお勧めです。
魚(マリン)コラーゲンは、魚のうろこや骨を原料としており、I型コラーゲンが多く含まれています。 海洋性コラーゲンはサイズが小さいため、摂取した際に消化されやすいという特徴があります。 動物由来の物に敏感な人は、マリンコラーゲンの方がおすすめです。
ボーンブロスのコラーゲンには3種類のコラーゲンがすべて含まれていますが、タイプIIのコラーゲンが含まれる軟骨組織に集中して含まれているため、 タイプIIのコラーゲンを摂取するのに適しています。

ボーンブロスはあらゆる種類のスープやシチューのベースになり、自分で作るのも簡単でコストもかかりません。 魚のうろこや鶏肉の皮にはコラーゲンが豊富に含まれているので、皮付きの魚や鶏肉をたくさん食べるようにしましょう。
色とりどりの野菜や果物を毎日しっかり食べることで、微量栄養素を体にしっかりと供給することができます。 ビタミンC、E、Aなどの微量栄養素の補酵素や、鉄、銅、亜鉛などのミネラルは、体が健康なコラーゲンを作るのに役立ちます。


グリホサートとグリシン(コラーゲンに含まれるアミノ酸)には分子的な類似性があるため、グリホサートは体内のコラーゲンに 取り込まれる可能性があり健康上の重大な問題を引き起こす可能性があるといえます。魚(マリン)コラーゲンを摂取する場合は、 養殖魚を原料としたコラーゲンはできるだけ避けましょう。(1)

コラーゲンプラスパッチ(コラーゲン with ビタミンC)は、皮膚から局所的に吸収され、ラテックス、グルテン、砂糖を含みません。外用パッチなので簡単に利用できます。

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3 Types of Collagen – A Full Breakdown Part3

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